Welcome to SCPSU Business School

Université Suisse Privée St Cléments - SCPSU Business School was established to develop a range of degree courses in co-operation with a range of industry leading Professional qualification awarding bodies.

The majority of the professional bodies that Université Suisse Privée St Cléments have been working with are based in UK and it has become desirable for Université Suisse Privée St Cléments to establish programs which will also lead to a UK accredited education qualification.

As part of this Université Suisse Privée St Cléments has opened SCPSU Business School to offer a range of programs that not only fulfil the curriculum and membership requirements of industry leading professional bodies, but also lead into a direct pathway to UK degree qualifications. Thus SCPSU Business School has been established to offer dual Université Suisse Privée St Cléments and UK OFQUAL accredited awards.


Blending the advantages of both online and campus study. Students will have access to a number of interactive online learning modules with clear learning objectives mapped against the UKs Qualifications Credit Framework (QCF) at either Level 7 (Postgraduate) Level 6 (Graduate entry), Levels 4/5 (Undergraduate)....(more)

Progression Pathways

Earning a full BA or MBA is a simple and low cost option with SCPSU Business School. Complete your Associate degree by studying a series of UK OFQUAL accredited Level 4 and 5 subjects, and then top up to a Bachelors degree either though Université Suisse Privée St Cléments or via a UK university.... (more)


The entire programme is accredited by the ATHE, a government recognized examining and awarding body for business and management students. On completion of the final assignments, students are awarded a formal recognized qualification which is accepted by a range of UK universities as partial exemption from various BA and MBA programmes....(more)