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Master of Human Resource Management

This degree is taught in conjunction with Human Resource Management Institute (UK and USA) and has been designed as a professional qualification for Full Membership of the Human Resource Management Institute.

The Institute of Management Specialists recognises this program for Fellow grade Membership and Specialised Human Resource Manager designation.

Stage I

Unit I – Introduction to Human Resource Management

This broadly covers strategic management, planning, information systems and the law in relationship to human resource management.

Unit II – Attracting and Selecting Human Resources

This involves job analysis, design, staff recruitment and selection.

Unit III – Developing Human Resources

This unit looks at appraising, training and career development.

Unit IV – Rewarding Human Resources

This unit looks at staff motivation, incentives and benefits.

Unit V – Managing Human Resources

This unit looks at industrial relations, managing change in the workplace, negotiations, OHS and recognizing workforce diversity.

Unit VI – Human Resources in a Changing World

This unit looks at the Human Resource Management trends internationally.

Stage II – Independent Study Project

A 15000 – 20000 word thesis on an Independent Study Project designed to develop the candidate’s master of a specialised Human Resource Management topic

As a Masters program it is designed to take 1-½ academic years.

It can be completed in 12 – 18 months part time study if the candidate does not take traditional academic breaks.

These bodies are all listed in the publication British Qualifications 34th edition as United Kingdom professional awarding bodies. Some have reciprocal membership agreements with other Commonwealth professional bodies.