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Master of Business in E Commerce

This degree is designed to prepare managers for the Electronic Commerce world. Online transactions are completed in their millions every day - selling over the Internet has become a major sales channel for business and multi-channel marketing is a key focus for many retail businesses.

The recent surge in the use of the Internet to conduct all forms of business has left many graduates without the required skills to maximise their effectiveness in the new business economy. Employees skilled in electronic commerce concepts and practices will be well placed to operate more effectively and take advantage of the opportunities of doing business in the e-world.

Stage I

- Organisational Behaviour
- Global Business Strategy
- Strategic Resource Management
- Finance for Strategic Managers
- Research for Senior Managers
- Project Management
- Strategic Marketing
- Personal Leadership and Management Development

Students successfully completing Stage I of this program will also be awarded Ian ATHE Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management.

The ATHE (Awards for Training and Higher Education) are a UK training provider, regulated by OFQUAL (The UK Office of Qualifications and Examinatios)

Stage II

- E-Commerce Business Operations
- Information Systems designed for Business E-Commerce
- Business Management
- Computer Networks and Internet Marketing

Each of the above 4 subjects is examined by the writing of an 8000 – 12000 word thesis relating the subject material to an applied situation.

Duration - 18 - 24 Months

Cost - USD $8,500

Students successfully completing both Stage I and Stage II of this program will be awarded a Master of Business in E Commerce from SCPU - Business School.

This degree is designed for Full Members of the Institute of Management Specislists (UK) to develop their E-Commerce skill and knowledge and upgrade their membership to Fellow Membership grade of the Institute of Management Specialists.