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Doctor of Education

The Doctor of Education program has been developed for SCPU Business School as a research based degree. It fulfils the membership requirements of the Faculty of Technology, Management and Applied Sciences Guild (FTMAS) with admission into the International Guild of Academicians (IGA) at the grade of Professional Member (Pr MIGA).

Students admitted into the program will also have to apply to the FTMAS for admission into the Guild at an appropriate grade prior graduation..

The program is based on an in depth researched study in any field of endeavor in education, special education, education management, education development, and many other areas in education. Students must prepare a dissertation in the usual style and format of not less than 90,000 words (200 to 250 pages). However, before work starts, students must present a rationale of their proposed work as well as the literature and research methods planned to cover the field of study completely.

While the Doctor of Philosophy focuses on the development of new sciences in the appropriate field of endeavor, the Doctor of Education is focusing on the implementation, improvement and development of systems, methods or means of using the knowledge in particular areas that currently is available.

All graduate students must observe the Following Steps before commencing work on their dissertation.

1. The dissertation topic must be approved by the faculty supervisor.
2. A proposal and synopsis, general layout, contents, research sources, etc. must be presented for comments and approval.
3. All outstanding work or coursework must be completed before the presentation of the dissertation proposal.

After the foregoing steps have been complied with, drafts of sections/parts of the dissertation must be presented for comments and approval. Where required the supervising professor will give the guidance to the student and instructions to make improvements and changes.

Course Completion - Compulsory Units

The areas below are included into the studentís research area and are assignment based mini theses in the area covered by the proposed research topic of the student. Each area requires a mini thesis of 8,000 words and each study area must have a bearing on the overall research field of the studentís dissertation for the degree program.

DEM7020 Education Management and Development Ė based on the students research topic 6 credits
DEM7021 Special Education development - based on the students research topic 6 credits
DEM7022 Education in Society - based on the students research topic 6 credits
DEM7005 Education Research and Development - based on the students research topic 6 credits
DEM7003 Research Methods 6 credits
DEM7004 Research Methodology: Data collection and related numerical analysis 6 credits
Course Completion: Dissertation 24 credits
TOTAL 60 credits

Course Completion: Dissertation

Students are advised to follow the guidelines as set-out in the Student Handbook for the writing of theses and assignments. After approval from the Course Director, they may start to write their dissertation or project. Courses DEM7002, DEM7003, form the basis of their proposed dissertation or project completion because collected have collected data, information etc that they intend to use. The work done, research undertaken, data collected, quantitative considerations etc., with reference to these two courses above will now be practically applied to complete the dissertation or project. Students are advised to follow instructions and advice given by their mentor and present their work as directed.

The following points must be observed:
Insight -
As evidenced by an ability to understand and appreciate issues relating to the project.
Drive - As evidenced by diligence and tenacity.
Creativity - As evidenced by ingenuity and imagination
Organization - As evidenced by ability to plan and to allocate priorities
Communication - As evidenced by an ability to express ideas clearly and successfully

The project plan will be assessed by the mentor and examination panel. The final report will be assessed by the faculty advisor.

Objectives: It is impractical to specify in advance the exact objectives which are to be met during the examination of the project, however these should afford students the following opportunities:

1 Assessment of the understanding of a phenomenon and or the procedure available to achieve a desired objective.

2 Relevant to his particular understanding thus to be able to select the knowledge or procedures most appropriate to his specific purpose so as to make it applicable. To define one problem from a given situation, thereafter to decide which (if there are more than one) are to be pursued to assign them relative priorities and to develop strategies by which the problem may be solved.

3 To implement these strategies to re-define each problem as more is learned of its true nature.

4 To work with time and financial constraints, to take decisions on the basis of incomplete information, to prepare, submit and defend a coherent ordered report.

The courses are administered by the Faculty of Technology, Management and Applied Sciences Guild (FTMAS) on behalf of SCPU Business School.