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Doctor of Business Management

This degree is designed for Full Members of the Faculty of Technology, Management and Applied Sciences Guild to upgrade their qualification to Fellow membership.

The program is based on an in depth researched study in any field of endeavor in business, management, administration, commerce and many more areas. Students must prepare a dissertation in the usual style and format of not less than 90,000 words (200 to 250 pages). However, before work starts, students must present a rationale of the proposed work and the literature and research methods planned to cover the field completely.

The Doctor of Business Management focuses on the implementation, improvement and development of systems, methods or means of using the knowledge in particular areas.

Study Area:

The areas below are included into the studentís research area and are assignment based areas to cover the research topic of the student. Each area requires a mini thesis of 8,000 words and each study area must have a bearing on the topic of the dissertation of the DBM program.

DEM7000 Strategic Management, Formulation, Implementation and Control
DEM7001 Operations management: Producing Goods and Services
DEM7002 Research Methodology: Data collection and Related Numerical Analysis
DEM7003 Research Methods
DEM7004 Statistical Probability and Related Analysis
DEM7005 Quality Planning and Analysis

Dissertation - 90,000 words

The courses are administered by the Faculty of Technology, Management and Applied Sciences Guild (United Kingdom) on behalf of SCPU Business School.