Bachelor of Science in Financial Management

This degree is taught in conjunction with the Institute of Professional Financial Managers (UK), to enable technician members to become associate members.

The bachelorís degree in financial management aims to provide the student with all the knowledge and expertise to be able to work independently in managing finance and similar positions. The purpose is also to equip the student with the knowledge and skills and to advance further into more senior positions in management and administration.

Stage I

Finance & Budgeting I (evaluating finance)
Negotiation I (strategy)
Managing Projects I (managing stakeholders)
Finance for Managers I (analysing financial statements)
Decision Taking I (the use of discounting techniques)

Stage II

Finance & Budgeting II (forms of budgeting)
Negotiation II (tactics)
Managing Projects II (team management)
Finance for Managers II (role of financial managers)
Decision Taking II (evaluation of cash flows)

Stage III

Finance & Budgeting III (time value of money)
Negotiation III (breaking down barriers)
Managing Projects III (building success factors)
Finance for Managers III (use of ratio analysis)
Decision Taking III (assessment of risk)

The following United Kingdom Professional Bodies recognise this degree as:-

Associate member of the Institute of Professional Financial Managers (UK)
Full Member of the Institute of Management Specialists (UK)
Full Member of the Institute of Manufacturing (UK)
Full Member of the Academy of Executives & Administrators (UK)
Full Member of the Academy of Multi-Skills (UK)
Full Member of Professional Business & Technical Management (UK)
Full Member of the Society of Sales & Marketing (UK)

These bodies are all listed in the publication British Qualifications 34th edition as United Kingdom professional awarding bodies. Some have reciprocal membership agreements with other Commonwealth professional bodies.